fine olive oil and aged balsamic vinegars
  • Red Apple Balsamic


    This Red Apple Balsamic has an enticing aroma and a delicate, sweet apple flavor. A fruitier taste than most balsamic vinegars. It is a wonderful way of adding aroma and taste to compliment any dish. This outstanding vinegar is the perfect marriage of the tartness of apple and the sweetness of balsamic.


    Chicken . Vinaigrettes . Apple Sauce . Fruit . Baked Beans . Salads

    Vegetables . Oatmeal . Smoothies . Fish . Toasted Walnuts . Apple Slices

    Sauces . Chutneys

    -Combine with Sage & Wild Mushroom to baste and inject into turkey
    -Drizzle on sweet potatoes and roast
    -Drizzle on apple crisp
    -Combine with Walnut, Garlic or Pumpkin for salad dressing
    -Combine with Cilantro & Onion, then brush on acorn squash before baking



    Blood Orange . Roasted Onion & Cilantro . Wild Mushroom & Sage . Tarragon . Roasted Walnut