fine olive oil and aged balsamic vinegars

Cinnamon Pear Balsamic

  • The natural sweetness of d'anjou pear is combined with the robust flavor of freshly ground cinnamon. This delightful vinegar is spicy, warm and can please even the most seasoned connoisseur.


    Dessert . Dairy . Fruit . Oatmeal . Pork . Salad . Seafood . Glaze Ham

    Duck Breast . Sweet Potatoes . Yogurt . Apple Crisp . Salmon


    -Combine with Blood Orange for a salad dressing on spinach or arugula salad with fresh berries.  Finish with Walnut Oil, mandarin oranges and feta cheese;

    -Caramelize pears or apples to top salads

    -Drizzle in yogurt, on ice cream, oatmeal, or apple crisp


    Blood Orange . Butter . Cayenne . Chipotle . Garlic . Harissa . Lemon . Persian Lime . Wild Mushroom & Sage . Sesame . Walnut . Basil . Baklouti Green Chili

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