fine olive oil and aged balsamic vinegars

OTA Gourmet Olives


OTA'S World Class Stuffed Olives


Garlic Pepper Jack

Green pitted olives are hand stuffed with Pepper Jack Cheese over a bed of minced garlic and Italian seasoning. While this doesn't really have a place in the Martini world or Greek salads, it does make a delicious snack! The seasonings in the brine really soak into the olives and impart their rich flavors. 10 oz.

Vermouth Blue Cheese

OTA'S most popular olive! Jumbo California-grown Queen Sevillano olives are stuffed with a delicious shelf-stable bleu cheese in a mild brine topped off with Vermouth. Wonderful for martinis, Greek salads, or just plain munching. These are our best seller for a reason.10 oz

Zesty Lemon

Jumbo green olives hand stuffed with lemon zest. The savory olive contrasts well with the fresh lemon citrus flavor  making for an unexpectedly pleasant surprise.10 oz.


Whole, imported Kalamata olives marinated in a mild brine topped with red wine. Greek seasoning is added to complement the rich, fruity flavor. 10 oz jar.


Jumbo California Green Olives that you hand stuff 10 oz jar.